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Wounded Tulsa Officer Returns to Work

Wounded Tulsa Officer Returns to Work

by Eddie RichardsonNovember 3, 2020
Officer Aurash Zarkeshan of the Tulsa Police Department was able to return to light duty yesterday after recovering from a gunshot wound. After only 6 months on the road solo, Zarkeshan was gunned down during a traffic stop gone wrong.
Zarkeshan was shot in the East Tulsa area after stopping suspect David Ware and his accomplice Matthew Hall. Sergeant Craig Johnson, who was also on the call on June 29th of this year was also shot, however, did not survive the attack after both officers were shot in the head in the confrontation.

Sergeant Craig Johnson was killed in the line of duty on the same call where Zarkeshan was shot.

The return to work for Zarkeshan caps almost four months of hard work by the officer in rehabilitation as he returns to the Tulsa Police Department in a light-duty capacity.
Ware and his accomplice Hall, have both pled not guilty to the capital murder charge in the murder of Johnson and the attempted murder of Zarkeshan. They are expected to face trial on multiple felony charges in 2021.

David Anthony Ware is charged with the Murder of Sergeant Johnson and the attempted murder of Zarkeshan

About The Author
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson is a retired disabled police officer in South Carolina. An advocate for wounded officers, he’s been involved in drafting and introducing legislation at a federal level for their benefit. He is currently the COO of The Wounded Blue charity.
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