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Videos Of Riverside Deputies Shooting Rifle-Wielding Man Outside Sheriff’s Sub-Station Released

Videos Of Riverside Deputies Shooting Rifle-Wielding Man Outside Sheriff’s Sub-Station Released

by Trevor MontgomeryNovember 13, 2020

LA QUINTA, Calif. — Authorities today released body-worn camera footage of a deadly shooting involving a rifle-wielding man that happened outside a Riverside County Sheriff’s Sub-Station at the La Quinta City Hall last September.

The suspect, since identified as Randy Fedorchuk, 65, of La Quinta, was killed in the shooting and a semi-automatic, assault-type rifle was recovered at the scene.

In a Critical Incident video released by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, (which can be viewed below), Sheriff Chad Bianco discussed and explained some of the details that led to the fatal encounter.

In the video release, Bianco shared two separate videos obtained from deputies’ body-worn cameras that showed the moments that led to the deadly incident, as well as the confrontation that ultimately led to the suspect’s fatal shooting.

Video obtained from one of the involved deputies’ body-worn cameras shows the deputy confronting the rifle-wielding suspect from a mere 10 to 20 feet. Moments later, a second deputy opened fire on the man, killing him. RSO image

Bianco explained that on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 24, a man called 911 and reported seeing a subject armed with a rifle.

In the 911 recording shared by Bianco, the man can be heard telling emergency dispatchers that he could see another man armed with a rifle in a courtyard shared by La Quinta City Hall, other government buildings and a sheriff’s sub-station.

Officials later determined that it was Fedorchuk himself who made the initial 911 call reporting the incident that ultimately led to his death.

Deputies’ body cameras then showed two deputies watching the rifle-wielding man from inside the sub-station and calmly reporting what they were seeing to emergency dispatchers.

“He has a rifle with him,” one deputy can be heard telling dispatchers in the Critical Incident video.

“He seems agitated …and… he’s walking back and forth,” the deputy continued, while he and the second deputy formulated a plan to confront the man; including asking dispatchers for air support and a K9.

At one point the deputies noticed Fedorchuk had lowered his rifle and was no longer holding it in a threatening manner and decided to confront him.

However, the moment deputies walked out of the relative safety of their sub-station, Fedorchuk immediately re-shouldered his rifle in a shooting position and began to advance toward the door of the sub-station where the deputies were still exiting the building.

Both deputies, who were armed with handguns, can be heard loudly and repeatedly ordering Fedorchuk to drop his rifle and put his hands up.

As the deputies continued to confront Fedorchuk from a distance of 10 to 20 feet, the suspect can be seen advancing toward the second deputy with his rifle shouldered and ready to fire.

Less than 12 seconds after initially confronting Fedorchuck, one of the deputies opened fire, discharging two rounds. At least one of the rounds struck the suspect, knocking him to the ground.

Officers recovered a semi-automatic, assault-style rifle dropped by the suspect who was killed in last September’s shooting. RSO image

As the deputies rushed to secure Fedorchuk’s rifle and take him into custody, one of the deputies can be heard reporting the shooting and asking for emergency medical services to treat the critically wounded and dying man.

At the same time Fedorchuk is heard asking the deputies to kill him; to which one of the deputies says “No” and begins treating the injured gunman for his gunshot wounds. Deputies continued treating Fedorchuk while waiting for paramedics to arrive and assume life-saving efforts.

Fedorchuk was ultimately transported to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

District Attorney’s Office Investigators are heading up the ongoing investigation, with assistance from Sheriff’s Force Investigations Detail and Central Homicide Unit.

Watch The Incident Here


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