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Video Released In South Carolina Officer Involved Shooting

Video Released In South Carolina Officer Involved Shooting

by Sonny CrockettNovember 14, 2020

Columbia, South Carolina – Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott just released new video and information regarding an officer involved shooting occurring on Nov 2.

The shooting occurred on Marathon Road near Interstate 77 when deputies responded to a domestic violence call. In the 911 call you can hear a woman saying that a man, later identified as Michel Dennis, was outside her home and shooting a gun. The woman said she was in fear for her life and that Dennis had broken into her home a few days prior.

Michael Dennis (Source: Richland County Sheriff’s Department)

When a deputy arrived, he was immediately met with gunfire.  “We’re very fortunate I’m not standing here talking about having a funeral for a Richland county deputy,” Sheriff Lott said.

After the deputy received fire and his windshield was struck, he returned fire through the windshield, striking Dennis in the elbow. Dennis then ran to a neighboring residence where he attempted to take a hostage. The husband of the woman assisted in taking Dennis into custody.

Sheriff Lott said this incident occurred while Dennis was out on bail for armed robbery and assault in an incident in March.

Dennis was treated and released for a gunshot wound to the elbow. Dennis was charged with attempted murder for shooting at the deputy, kidnapping, and first-degree assault and battery.

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