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Video Released From Officer Involved Shooting Inside Florida Bar

Video Released From Officer Involved Shooting Inside Florida Bar

by Sonny CrockettNovember 10, 2020

New Port Richey, FL –  On Tuesday, November 3rd, New Port Richie Police responded to the Sullivan’s Boulevard Lounge bar regarding an “unwanted guest”, per Chief Kim Bogart.

The video depicts 56-year-old Guy Able walking back and forth through the bar.  Two officers then arrive inside the bar and raise their handguns toward Able.  Able then points what appears to be a firearm at the officers.  The officers fired on Able, killing him.

Nearby business owner Lisa Langford told WFLA News, ““We heard, ‘drop it, drop it, drop it,’ and then gunfire,” Langford recalled. “And it was clear that it was gunfire to us.”

A transcript of the original call to police from the bar owner was released:

“There’s a guy in there like totally out of his mind. Talking about shooting people. She said she’s just scared to death.”

“She said that, um, it seems like when somebody comes in he’s like talking about shooting ’em and just really out of his mind.”

The investigation is ongoing.



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