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December 11, 2020

Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Passes Defunding Police by Nearly $8 Million, Mayor Signs

Minneapolis, MN – On Thursday morning, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to pass their 2021 budget that will see the police department defunded by $7.8 million. The budget was dubbed the “Safety for All” plan. This is part of the Council’s attempt to “reimagine” policing.

The Council initially set out to completely dismantle the police department, but backtracked on that agenda to be put before voters in November. Reportedly, Mayor Jacob Frey, who had previously been all in with the path to disbanding, said that the cuts the Council was proposing were “irresponsible and untenable.”

After the Council proposed a [...]

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December 3, 2020

Carjackings in Minneapolis Up 537% Amid “Defund the Police” Movement

Minneapolis, MN – Amid the “defund the police” movement in Minneapolis, police have taken reports of over 125 carjacking incidents in the past two months. This number represents a 537% increase in this type of violent crime over November of 2019.

Police have advised that the attacks have been trending to target the elderly, unaccompanied women, as well as distracted victims getting into or out of their vehicles. Several suspects have used the guise of asking for directions, according to a Minneapolis Police Department crime alert.  Three carjacking attacks took place just on Saturday morning, November 28, within one hour of each other. In one incident, an [...]

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September 8, 2020


A second city in America has now empowered the criminal element wreaking havoc across the nation by issuing what is essentially a written “white flag of surrender.”  The first was the result of the City Council of Seattle’s interference with the Police Department resulting in a public notice from the Chief of Police Carmen Best when she informed the people of Seattle that officers had “no ability to intercede to preserve property amid a large violent crowd safely.”

Of course, Seattle had already entirely ceded six city blocks for months to violent anarchists who occupied the area until the shootings of two and killing of one young Black teen forced Police to intercede and [...]


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