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“Steer Clear” Becomes “Slow Down Move Over” Law in PA

“Steer Clear” Becomes “Slow Down Move Over” Law in PA

by Eddie RichardsonNovember 2, 2020
Harrisburg, PA – SB1281, Act 105, Pennsylvania’s Steer Clear Law has changed. While the Pennsylvania government has still left it as a summary offense, the name and the penalties have been increased for violations of the Move Over law.
Section 3327 (a) of the revised traffic law, under A (1), is assessed now for great bodily injury and death. This was overlooked in the original legislation, causing the inability to charge a subject for higher fines as the result of a collision.
Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper, Sgt Bob Bemis, sees this as a win and a first step toward taking corrective actions against negligent drivers in the state. “I feel this is a huge step toward protecting all persons who have to respond to emergency incidents on highways”, said Bemis. “It  shows that Pennsylvania is serious about the issue, and I hope that everyone who drives on our highways understands that there are lives at stake and families who care about their loved ones who have to work on those highways.”
Sgt Bemis was injured in March of 2015 when a vehicle collided with him, roadside on I-81 while he was attempting to assist a tow truck operator, leaving him permanently disabled.
State Senator Doug Mastriano helped champion the bill, with testimony bolstered by injured officers. The bill was presented to Governor Tom Wolf on October 26th and signed into law on October 29th. The new penalties will begin being enforced on April 27th, 2021. As always, LENN will continue to keep you posted on this and other laws that affect first responders.
About The Author
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson is a retired disabled police officer in South Carolina. An advocate for wounded officers, he’s been involved in drafting and introducing legislation at a federal level for their benefit. He is currently the COO of The Wounded Blue charity.
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David A Scott
David A Scott
6 months ago

When ever you see an officer pulling over a car or truck or any other motor vehicle. Pull over show down. It’s just being a citizen of our country. We are American people respect any officer or fire Department ona high way crash all the above.
Please watch out they have families too and they are mother’s and Father Sisters and Brothers.
Show down and move over respect.

Cheryl Weber
Cheryl Weber
6 months ago

I read your book, sir. God bless you. What a story of overcoming.