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Sacramento Police Release Fatal Officer Involved Shooting Video Of Stabbing Suspect

Sacramento Police Release Fatal Officer Involved Shooting Video Of Stabbing Suspect

by Sonny CrockettNovember 13, 2020

Sacramento, CA – On Thursday, Sacramento Police released a video from a November 4 fatal officer involved shooting. 52-year-old Andre Wright was shot with a patrol rifle after allegedly stabbing a man and holding him at knifepoint when officers arrived.

Police say on the evening of the 4th, officers were dispatched to an apartment on Park City Court in the city’s Pocket neighborhood.  Several 911 calls were received from the location. One caller identified himself as “Michael Wright” and said several family members were being held hostage in the apartment and his girlfriend was being raped.  Another caller from the apartment said he was being stabbed by another man, and that the attacker was armed with a knife and a gun.

Police arrived on the scene and saw Wright  “actively assaulting the victim with a knife.” An officer can heard firing three shots from a police patrol rifle. Wright died from his injuries at the scene.

The suspect’s sister, Raquel Wright told CBS Sacramento “The fact that my brother made the 911 call. People who are trying to hurt people don’t normally make a 911 call, they should have recognized that as a cry for help.”

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds and was transported to the hospital. He has since been released.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Sacramento Police Video Of Incident




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Tamra Schecter
6 months ago

All of you officers are so awesome and amazing my hats are off to you