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Police Called to Disallow Proud Boys From Collecting for Toys for Tots Outside Seattle Suburb Walmart

Police Called to Disallow Proud Boys From Collecting for Toys for Tots Outside Seattle Suburb Walmart

by Leah AnayaDecember 7, 2020

Bellevue, WA – On Sunday, the Proud Boys Seattle Chapter organized a toy drive for the Toys for Tots organization with a pickup location of Walmart in the Factoria Mall in Bellevue. Reportedly, the police had been called and asked to make arrests should anyone show up to collect toys.

The event, set to begin at 4 pm on Sunday, December 6, was met with concern and vexation when it was announced that the Proud Boys would be involved. The Proud Boys have recently been under attack and labeled as a “white supremacist” group.  Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio who is Afro-Cuban spoke to the Gateway Pundit about the backlash received over the event.

Reportedly, an email was sent by the shopping center owner complaining about the charity being associated with the group Proud Boys.

Tarrio said, “Every Christmas multiple Proud Boy chapters put their resources together to make those that are less fortunate a little happier. This year our Seattle chapter is planning on donating toys for the ‘Toys 4 Tots’ program. With many of our members being Marine Veterans, this is their preferred method of giving back to their communities.”

Twitter is filled with anger over the group attempting to participate in a charitable event.

Tarrio also said, “Walmart is working with local domestic terrorists to stop children from getting toys for Christmas. I would have never believed this…but…2020.”

LENN spoke with Gunnery Sergeant Edward Chapman, who is the Coordinator for Toys for Tots in King County. Chapman said, “Our mission is to bring new, unwrapped toys to less fortunate children in King County. That’s it. We only have a few actual ‘events’ per year, otherwise, anyone can come to pick up a box and posters and collect donations.”

Chapman, who is an active duty Marine, continued, “I’m supporting the mission of bringing toys to children. There are hundreds of organizations who collect for us. It’s not political, and it shouldn’t be.”

LENN’s calls to Walmart were unsuccessful.

The collection event was, according to a Proud Boy who goes by the name Rufio Panman on Parler, successful. The store manager didn’t want them on the property, so the group moved to the sidewalk to continue to collect toys for underprivileged children.

The original Proud Boys post, found on Parler, said “Come say hi to your local Proud Boys and help bring joy to families in need this Christmas season.” This post can’t be found on Facebook, because if you search “Proud Boys,” this pops up: “These keywords may be associated with dangerous groups and individuals. Facebook works with organizations that help prevent the spread of hate and violent extremism.”

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Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya is a medically retired police officer. She served for three years at the Oakland Police Department, and just under five at a department in Washington State. Before that, she was an intelligence analyst in the US Army. She is now a stay at home mom living with her husband, who is still serving as a police officer, and their three children. She also grew up as the daughter of a police officer in California. Leah is now a writer and Deputy Editor at Law Enforcement News Network as well as the Business Manager for Washington State FOP. She's a peer support advocate for The Wounded Blue and Serve and Protect. You can find her on social media @leahmsanaya or at
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