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Oregon Decriminalizes Narcotics, California Allows Felons to Vote and More

Oregon Decriminalizes Narcotics, California Allows Felons to Vote and More

by Ryan MasonNovember 5, 2020

As a side note to the hotly contested federal election that will likely drag out for weeks, if not months in legal challenges, a slew of new legislations have been passed into law this week in several states.

In a move wrapped in the guise of helping addicts, the state of Oregon this week passed a law that may have law enforcement in the state scratching their heads.

Oregon voters passed a law decriminalizing the possession of multiple drugs, such as Heroin, Cocaine, and Meth, passing the “Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act” with a 59-41% majority voting in favor of the new law.

The new law covers drugs in the amount of less than 1 gram of heroin or MDMA; 2 grams of cocaine or methamphetamine; 12 grams of psilocybin mushrooms; and 40 doses of LSD, oxycodone or methadone.

Californian voters, among a slew of nearly 50 propositions, also voted to allow felons on parole to vote, adding a potential for 50,000 new voters to be added to the state’s voter rolls.

Meanwhile, the City of San Francisco passed one of the more disturbing new regulations that affect policing, doing away with any minimum staffing requirement for the department, opening the door for those set on reforming or eliminating policing entirely to begin to lower the already dwindling amount of officers on the street in San Francisco, a city that already struggles with long response times to emergency calls due to lack of officers on the street.

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Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason is a former police officer and the Editor in Chief of the Law Enforcement News Network. Ryan has been a writer, editor, and photojournalist over the last decade, providing content for over a dozen national and international publications in both law enforcement and aviation.
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