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One Shot During Olympia Protest, Four Cops Injured

One Shot During Olympia Protest, Four Cops Injured

by Leah AnayaDecember 13, 2020

Olympia, WA – On Saturday, a one man was shot during a “Back the Blue” and “Stop the Steal” protest that turned violent at Washington’s Capitol when counter protestors (Antifa) showed up to the scene.

It’s been reported that over 100 officers arrived at the Capitol when the initial squabbles took place. During the initial confrontation between the groups, police made an arrest for an alleged weapons violation near Ninth Avenue and Columbia Street. It’s been reported that that person arrested was a Proud Boy who pointed a gun at a counter protestor.

Due to multiple incidents of fighting between the groups, police declared a riot and issued a dispersal order from the Capitol. The group moved to a different area, closer to Sid Snyder Avenue.

Two other arrests were made near Union Avenue and Capitol Way, this time for felony assault, where authorities said two officers were injured after objects were thrown at them (one was hit with a “large piece of concrete” and one was hit with what police described as a “baton like object”).

Antifa surround and assault Trump supporter

While details are scarce on the shooting that occurred, according the the Thurston County Corrections Facility roster, Forest Michael Machala was arrested for first degree assault and is being held there without bail. It’s unknown if he was the person arrested for pointing his firearm or for actually shooting. Independent Media PDX, who has been covering the riots in Portland and beyond for months, said Machala is a Project Specialist with Public Assistance at AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps.

It’s also been reported that Machala is a member of the Proud Boys, but LENN has not independently confirmed that.

The shooting appeared to take place when a group of protestors were walking to their cars in a parking lot. It appeared as if member of Antifa were following them, but the exact situation has not been disclosed.

Top: Proud Boy arrested and hogtied; Bottom left: Proud Boy arrested; Bottom right: Suspected Proud Boy shooter gets ready to leave

The victim, a “counter protestor,” is said to be in stable condition. His identity has not been released.

It’s unknown what led up to that specific encounter, but multiple protestors were injured by Antifa, as well as two more officers other than the two mentioned above.

Police were seen hogtying the Machala in the middle of the street. Antifa members were reportedly tear gassed and “briefly kettled” by police before being set free.

The “Back the Blue” supporters were enraged by both the arrest and the treatment of the suspect and began shouting “Let him go! Fuck you!”

As the protestors started to leave, one man can be heard saying, “Fucking cops ain’t doing shit. Let’s go boys.”

About The Author
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya is a medically retired police officer. She served for three years at the Oakland Police Department, and just under five at a department in Washington State. Before that, she was an intelligence analyst in the US Army. She is now a stay at home mom living with her husband, who is still serving as a police officer, and their three children. She also grew up as the daughter of a police officer in California. Leah is now a writer and Deputy Editor at Law Enforcement News Network as well as the Business Manager for Washington State FOP. She's a peer support advocate for The Wounded Blue and Serve and Protect. You can find her on social media @leahmsanaya or at
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