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Omaha Chief Gets Ahead of Speculatory Incrimination

Omaha Chief Gets Ahead of Speculatory Incrimination

by Eddie RichardsonNovember 24, 2020

Omaha, NE – Part of the “Best Practices in Administration” series being highlighted on LENN

Chief Todd Schmaderer, in an unprecedented move to stifle persecution prior to judgment by the majority of the media, has announced that officers at his department were justified in their shooting of Kenneth Jones. Jones was shot last Thursday during a traffic stop after failing to comply with police commands during which he reportedly reached for a gun that was concealed in his waistband. Schmaderer said, “As chief, I have watched a lot of videos over the years, and this was one of the most non-compliant situations that I have seen.”

While unwilling to release the entire video until a Grand Jury has been allowed to review it, Schmaderer did release still photos of the scene which included the weapon with which Jones was claimed to be in possession of. Protesters who convened on the Omaha Police Department’s property over the weekend demanded the release of the video, which Schmaderer rebuffed. His view is that a release of the video could taint any further ongoing investigation for the Grand Jury.

While the facts of the case remain to be determined, Schmaderer’s approach to the situation is unique, putting it in the best practices spotlight. As law enforcement officers, there must be probable cause to convict a suspect of wrongdoing, which includes those in uniform.

By releasing the statement from the department, the Chief has shown that the department not only supports the actions of the officers under the policy but their actions as American citizens with the right to a fair trial. While many in the media may speculate as to the intentions of the officers, a statement from the department while the officers are still on administrative leave for the shooting leaves little to the imagination for their psyche as their motives are questioned.

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Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson is a retired disabled police officer in South Carolina. An advocate for wounded officers, he’s been involved in drafting and introducing legislation at a federal level for their benefit. He is currently the COO of The Wounded Blue charity.
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