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Ohio Officer Shoots Man Said to be Waving Gun, Family Didn’t Witness Shooting But Said He Was Holding a Sandwich

Ohio Officer Shoots Man Said to be Waving Gun, Family Didn’t Witness Shooting But Said He Was Holding a Sandwich

by Leah AnayaDecember 7, 2020

Franklin County, OH – Last Friday, a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to a US Marshal task force, Deputy Jason Meade, shot and killed a 23-year-old black man named Casey Goodson, Jr. Meade told the Columbus Division Police that he saw Goodson with a gun.

Southern District of Ohio US Marshal Peter Tobin said that the unit had just finished searching for a different suspect prior to observing Goodson, who was “driving down the street waving a gun.”

According to reports, Deputy Meade confronted Goodson as he entered his house in the 3900 block of Estates Place. It’s been said that there were nine people in the residence- five adults and four children- at the time of the encounter, and that no one heard any part of a conversation that Meade and Goodson had. The family claim that they didn’t hear anything until they heard gunshots.

They also said that Goodson had just unlocked the door when he was shot three times in the back, which has not been confirmed. According to Goodson’s family, he did not have a gun on him. They said he was actually holding a sandwich.

However, authorities have said they recovered a firearm from the scene. They also said that Goodson failed to comply with orders to drop the weapon.

Walton + Brown, Goodson’s family lawyers, said that Goodson had a concealed carry license which was up-to-date. Ohio is also an open carry state.

Columbus Division of Police (CDP) spokesman Sgt. James Fuqua said that the department didn’t “want to get ahead of the investigation until any information released is cleared through the investigators.”

The CDP Facebook page said, “The Columbus Division of Police has received numerous inquiries from the media and the public regarding Friday’s deadly shooting involving a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy. The Division has also seen a number of inaccurate statements circulating, which can only add to the pain and confusion of an already tragic situation.

“Many of the facts of this shooting will not be known until the investigation is complete.”

Kaylee Harper, who said she is Goodson’s sister, said, “The are lying! My brother literally walked across the yard, walked into the back fence to get to the side door, had his subway [sandwich] and mask in one hand keys in the other, UNLOCKED AND OPENED THE DOOR and stepped in the house before shooting him.”

Harper continued, “IF HE WAS SUCH A THREAT WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG TO SHOOT?! WHY DID TOU KILL A MAN WALKING INTO HIS OWN HOME?! HE JUST WANTED TO ENJOY HIS SUBWAY AFTER LEAVING THE DENTISTS OFFICE AND NOW MY 23 YEAR OLD BROTHER WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LIVE HIS LIFE, TO HAVE A FAMILY, NOTHING! THEY TOOK THAT MANS FUTURE FROM HIM AND CHANGED ALL OF OURS. this is just really unbelievable. My outlook on life has completely changed. I am grateful for everyone in my life. I love all of y’all. Please tell everyone you care about that you love them as much as you can . I love you cj #longlivecasey #justiceforcasey #sayhisname”

A protest over the shooting is scheduled for this coming Saturday at the Ohio Statehouse.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have body cameras. It’s reported that no other officers were present for the incident, nor were any witnesses, although NPR reported that Goodson’s grandmother (whose age has been reported as both 72 and 92 by different news outlets) and two toddlers actually witnessed it.

A 911 dispatch call record disputes the possibility of the grandmother having witnessed the incident, however. The Columbus Dispatch reported that the 911 call log shows a dispatcher asking who shot her grandson, to which she replied, “I don’t know. I just heard the gunshots and got up and he’s laying in the door.”

The grandmother also told dispatch that Goodson was shot “in the back.” An autopsy is pending and law enforcement “sources” have told the Dispatch that the grandmother may have seen the exit wounds in her grandson’s back.

Tobin, mentioned above, also said in a news conference that a bystander heard from a distance Meade order Goodson to drop a gun.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost rejected the CDP’s request to send the investigation up to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Apparently this is because too much time passed before CDP asked them to take over. Therefore, CDP will continue to investigate the shooting incident.

LENN will bring you updates on the case as they become available.

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Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya is a medically retired police officer. She served for three years at the Oakland Police Department, and just under five at a department in Washington State. Before that, she was an intelligence analyst in the US Army. She is now a stay at home mom living with her husband, who is still serving as a police officer, and their three children. She also grew up as the daughter of a police officer in California. Leah is now a writer and Deputy Editor at Law Enforcement News Network as well as the Business Manager for Washington State FOP. She's a peer support advocate for The Wounded Blue and Serve and Protect. You can find her on social media @leahmsanaya or at
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