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Officers Honored For Saving 4 Including 1 Man Run Over By Boat

Officers Honored For Saving 4 Including 1 Man Run Over By Boat

by Jennifer KernsNovember 13, 2020

Ipswich, Mass – To serve and protect.

It’s not just a slogan.

Two police officers in Ipswich have been awarded for going above and beyond their call of duty for rescuing a man following a boating accident. 

Ipswich police Lt. Jonathan Hubbard and officer Brian Murphy received commendation after the duo responded to a boating distress call last summer. The officers arrived to find four people in the water who had been thrown from a boat and found the watercraft circling the water, unmanned. The driver suffered life-threatening injuries after ultimately being run over by the boat. 

The officers provided critical first aid at the scene as well as en route to land, which is credited for saving the young man whom authorities say could have otherwise died. 

The two officers were given medals by the Ipswich police department  honoring their lifesaving tactics and commendation letters from their Board of a Selectmen at the October Special Town Meeting.

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Jennifer Kerns
Jennifer Kerns
Raised in the Heartland under Friday night lights, this All-American pom-pom girl grew up with patriotism in her soul. Now, she tackles the hottest issues of our time — free speech, religious liberty & preserving our All-American way of life. Jennifer serves as one of the nation’s top conservative communicators. She has served as a presidential debate writer for a national television network; a spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, strategist behind the Colorado Recalls to defend the Second Amendment; and spokeswoman for Prop. 8 which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
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