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Officer Injured, Cruiser Stolen, Two Dead After Chase, Shootout

Officer Injured, Cruiser Stolen, Two Dead After Chase, Shootout

by Ryan MasonNovember 10, 2020

A New Carrollton officer was injured after being struck by a mentally disturbed subject who stole a police cruiser after a shootout with Prince Georges County officers in an incident that also killed the disturbed suspect’s female family member.

Prince Georges County officers were called to a residence on Seans Terrace in Lanham at around 1 a.m.last night on a suicidal male call. Officers were immediately met with gunfire upon arrival as one of the responding officers left his vehicle as it was struck in the windshield to take cover behind another officer’s vehicle. The subject then took the officers’ vehicle, striking and killing a female family member from the residence during the initial gunfight with officers.

The male suspect continued driving down Seans Terrace, turning on Finns Lane and Fury Avenue where he sideswiped a New Carrollton police vehicle, hitting another police car head-on where the incident terminated as the officers took the male into custody.

The suspect was pronounced dead after being transported to a local area hospital.
About The Author
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason is a former police officer and the Editor in Chief of the Law Enforcement News Network. Ryan has been a writer, editor, and photojournalist over the last decade, providing content for over a dozen national and international publications in both law enforcement and aviation.
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Ulla Stice
Ulla Stice
6 months ago

This is the kind of situation that is always twisted around and made impossible for the police officers involved. The media and public will say that any police action should have been in moderation because of the psychotic breakdown of the suspect. Officers today face an insurmountable challenge in responding to any domestic violence or suicidal call. I thank them for the courage to keep putting on that uniform and performing their duties with pride.