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Las Vegas Woman Allegedly Murders Her Children, Claiming Organs Are Worth A Lot Of Money

Las Vegas Woman Allegedly Murders Her Children, Claiming Organs Are Worth A Lot Of Money

by Zach HeilmanNovember 11, 2020

Las Vegas, NV – a 26 year old woman in Las Vegas has been accused of killing her two children, claiming that their organs are worth a lot of money.

Las Vegas Police arrested Amanda Sharp-Jefferson on Friday after her boyfriend, Jaykwon Singleton came home and discovered the two children dead.

Allegedly Jefferson told Singleton to be quiet and that the children’s organs could be worth a lot of money.

According to the police report Singleton and Jefferson have been together since 2018 and there has been no issues until recently when Jefferson started talking about, “the alter spirit world.”

During the arrest Jefferson claimed not to have any children and to not know Singleton. She also claimed that the children as well as their toys were planted in the apartment by someone else.

While it is unknown if Jefferson suffers from mental illness, it is definitely a possibility that is being explored.

Jefferson is currently being held in jail without bail and faces two murder charges.

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Zach Heilman
Zach Heilman
Zach Heilman is a serial entrepreneur, online marketer, digital nomad, connector and a patriot. Zach is also the Co-Founder,
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7 months ago

Heart breaking, and a testament to the dark evil times, in which we live.

Guillermo Gonzales
Guillermo Gonzales
7 months ago

First of all I think is ridiculous the story that is second of all it has to be fake this cannot be real and if it is real well then she’s going to hell plane and simple enough said