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La Vergne, TN Police K-9 Killed in Shootout With Suspect

La Vergne, TN Police K-9 Killed in Shootout With Suspect

by Eddie RichardsonNovember 19, 2020
Yesterday evening, La Vergne Police Department announced that K9 Sjaak succumbed to his injuries while undergoing further surgeries for gunshot wounds. Sjaak was with his handler, Officer Darby, when Officer Darby became engaged in a firefight with a suspect middday Tuesday. Sjaak was struck three times and was rushed to a medical facility for treatment.
The suspect, Javon Brice, fired upon Darby’s vehicle while it was on Murfreesboro Rd. Both parties exchanged gunfire, but Darby was not struck. Following the firefight, Brice fled the scene and was later found deceased in his vehicle according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.
A memorial was errected at the police department for K-9 Sjaak by the community. At this time, services have not been announced for Sjaak. Stay tuned to LENN for further updates on this and other laws enforment news.
About The Author
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson is a retired disabled police officer in South Carolina. An advocate for wounded officers, he’s been involved in drafting and introducing legislation at a federal level for their benefit. He is currently the COO of The Wounded Blue charity.
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Gayle Stope
Gayle Stope
6 months ago

It saddens me when a police officer is killed in the line of duty-but I bawl like a baby when that officer is a K-9. He is waiting at Rainbow Bridge for his partner…may that day be in the far future. God bless you all!!!

Last edited 6 months ago by Gayle Stope