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Killer of Newman, CA Corporal Ronil Singh Avoids Death Penalty With Plea Deal

Killer of Newman, CA Corporal Ronil Singh Avoids Death Penalty With Plea Deal

by Ryan MasonNovember 6, 2020

In a case that sparked national outrage, the murderer of Corporal Ronil Singh will face a life sentence without the possibility of parole in a deal struck by Stanislaus County Prosecutors in the case.

Paulo Virgen Mendoza, the murderer of Corporal Singh was an illegal immigrant, sparking sharp criticism from President Donald Trump of California’s sanctuary policies that drew national and international attention to the case that unfolded as the result of a traffic stop on December 26th, 2018.

In the deal struck, Mendoza agreed to plead guilty, admitting that he had shot Singh early in the morning on the day after Singh, a Fijian born American citizen had celebrated Christmas with his wife and young son. The deal will remove the possibility of Mendoza facing the death penalty, although the likelihood of Mendoza facing an execution was highly unlikely, given that California has not executed a prisoner since 2006.

Booking file photo provided by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department showing Paulo Virgen Mendoza. 

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Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason is a former police officer and the Editor in Chief of the Law Enforcement News Network. Ryan has been a writer, editor, and photojournalist over the last decade, providing content for over a dozen national and international publications in both law enforcement and aviation.
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