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Kansas City Officer Awarded Officer Of The Year After Almost Dying In Line Of Duty

Kansas City Officer Awarded Officer Of The Year After Almost Dying In Line Of Duty

by Zach HeilmanNovember 14, 2020

Kansas City, MO – Officer Tyler Moss with the Kansas City Police Department was awarded the Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association “Officer of the Year,” after almost dying in the line of duty during the summer.

Officer Moss responded to an incident back in July about a man pointing a gun at individuals near a fast food restaurant near 31st and Van Brunt.

When Moss and his partner Officer Mark Diviak responded to the scene the suspect began to fire at their vehicle and then take off on foot. The officers relayed the dangerous situation to other officers responding to the scene.

The officers then proceeded to get out of their vehicle and chase the suspect on foot. Officer Plaschka also responded to the scene to assist the officers.

Plaschka and Moss spotted the suspect and ordered him to show his hands. Instead the suspect opened fire hitting Moss in the head. Plaschka stood over Moss as he returned fire on the suspect. Several other officers came to Moss’s aide, transferring him into the police cruiser and rushing him to the hospital.

As they rushed Officer Moss to Truman Medical Center, Officer Shockley applied pressure to Moss’s wound.

At the hospital Moss was given a 1 percent survival rate and doctors believe he survived due to the heroic actions of other officers who assisted him.

Officer Levi Plaschka also received Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association “Officer of the Year.”

Gold awards for valor were also given to Sergeant Childers, Justin Palmer, and officers Moss, Plaschka, Diviak, Webster, Anderson, Shockley, Hartley, and Jamison Raines by the Metro Chiefs and Sheriff’s Association.

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