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‘Back the Blue’: Police Losing Support. Is That Part of the Plan?

‘Back the Blue’: Police Losing Support. Is That Part of the Plan?

by Leah AnayaDecember 13, 2020

For months, the country has been rocked by constant rioting and people screaming for “racial justice” and police reform. If there has been any good from all this anti-police, anti-American rhetoric, it’s the fact that so many have stood up to show support for our nation’s constitution as well as our peace officers to attempt to drown out all the contempt against them.

I fear that a large amount of that support for the police is slipping away.

It’s no secret to anyone paying attention that the ones who call themselves anti-fascists (Antifa, who are themselves using the tactics of- and often described as- domestic terrorists) have gotten a free pass to riot, loot, destroy property, harass people, and attack police.

In Portland alone, District Attorney Michael Schmidt has dropped upwards of 70% of the cases brought to him for these terroristic acts. Those committing the crimes are seeing no consequences to their actions, and in many cases they’re shown support and even encouragement from elected politicians.

Meanwhile, if anyone should show up to counter protest, they are scrutinized for every move they make. If they should dare speak out against the violence, damage, and chaos caused by the likes of Antifa and the self-admitted Marxist group Black Lives Matter, they’re called racists, white supremacists, fascists, and more.

God forbid the anti-Americans (lets call Antifa/BLM what they really are) come across a black police officer or a black police supporter: They receive the worst harassment, name calling, belittling, and threats for harm.

Nevertheless, the groups (who have been simply dubbed “Patriots”) are out there week after week expressing their support for America and all she represents, for law and order, and for the police.

For some reason, supporting the men and women who lay down their lives for people they’ve never even met, the very people that stand between good and evil, order and chaos, has turned political. Many departments say the officers can’t even associate with those at pro police rallies, lest they be viewed as biased or supporting “one side” over the other. Never mind the fact that what they would be showing “preference” for are peaceful rallies, as opposed to the terroristic side that brings violence and chaos to the streets.

So, the Patriot groups have continued to show their support, while getting ignored by police save for a few friendships and conversations that have to be kept secret so the officers doesn’t get disciplined or fired. On top of that, police in many circumstances have been ordered to arrest those from patriot groups (foregoing their discretion in some cases). Or rather, they’ve been arresting from both sides, but only those from the patriot groups are actually prosecuted.

Who else will people blame for that but the police? Prosecutors, politicians, yes. But the face of justice is the police as they’re the ones fighting for it day in and day out.

Patriots, holding their own rallies and protests, have been attacked many times by “counter protestors”- again, let’s call them what they are: terrorists. People can only take so much harassment, abuse, bad mouthing, and attacking before they snap and fight back. Everyone has a line.

For many, that line has been crossed.

Enter the “Back the Blue” and “Stop the Steal” rally in Olympia, Washington this past Saturday.

The group the Proud Boys were said to be in attendance, and of course, Antifa showed up to counter what the Proud Boys and other attendees were standing for (such as America and police). Antifa was armed and ready to fight, holding their shields, carrying large rocks and pieces of concrete, makeshift batons, flares, tear gas, and more.

To be fair, I don’t know what led up to the two incidents that LENN reported on following the rally, one which saw a Proud Boy arrested for pointing a gun at Antifa, and one which saw a reported Proud Boy arrested for shooting an alleged Antifa member. However, I do know that the Proud Boys have had their lines crossed long ago by the domestic terrorists that go by the guise of being anti-fascist, while they assault people in the streets who disagree with them (the textbook tactic of fascists).

Crimes have punishments, yes. But why do the crimes only seem to have punishments for those that are supporting law and order, America, and the police?

Top: Proud Boy arrested and hogtied; Bottom left: Proud Boy arrested; Bottom right: Suspected Proud Boy shooter gets ready to leave

Could this be part of the plan? Politicians in droves are showing support for the terrorism being allowed in our city streets. President Trump was berated for sending in federal officers to cities such as Chicago, Portland, and Seattle to stop the terrorism, to the point where he pulled out the forces meant to support local law enforcement.

So we have politicians showing support. We have district attorneys letting terrorists go, in many cases without even paying bail or seeing a judge, and even dropping charges completely. We have Hollywood elites (celebrities, sports players, etc.) paying into the bail funds to allow the terrorists back on the streets in the instances that they are held for their crimes. We have people on social media harassing and doxxing anyone who dares to disagree with the BLM/Antifa narrative. We have the media being nothing short of complicit in the terrorism.

And we have a police force that is widely handcuffed, forced to watch these thugs destroy the cities they swore to serve and protect.

And now, some patriots are, sadly, fed up. They’re fed up with the police standing by and watching them get assaulted by Antifa because they’ve been ordered to “not interfere” with clashing protestors. They’re fed up with seeing patriots defending themselves and yet get arrested and charged with crimes that Antifa is freely allowed to commit. They’re fed up with putting themselves in harm’s way (because you can’t stand against a terrorist without being in harms way) only to be treated the same as the terrorists themselves.

I’ve seen on social media some of the most avid police supporters saying they’re no longer going to be attending Back the Blue rallies because of all of the above. They’re fed up.

The picture below is independent journalist and streamer, Andrew Duncomb, who goes by Black Rebel. He has been on scene to witness and report on hundreds of Antifa riots and demonstrations. He is an avid supporter of the law and the police, and he has been called some of the worst names out there by Antifa and BLM supporters because of the color of his skin.

Andrew Duncomb, pro police, police support

Andrew Duncomb at a Back the Blue and First Amendment rally in Vancouver, WA.

He saw a Proud Boy hogtied after a shooting, while the terrorists who instigate at every chance they get continued to wander around to see who else they can harass. Again, I’m not privy to the details of the incident and I’m not suggesting the police shouldn’t have hogtied the shooter, because I don’t know the circumstances. I’m simply pointing out that so many, including Duncomb, have watched this imbalanced treatment for months.

After the incident, Duncomb posted on Twitter, “Screw @OlyPD for arresting Patriots but not antifa for defending themselves after multiple rocks and bricks was thrown at them. I’m done with Back The Blue events in the Pacific Northwest. They have to be held accountable.”

Duncomb is one of the supporters losing faith in our police because of the inaction when it comes to the domestic terrorism. Because of the handcuffing of police, and the unwillingness for officers to band together and step up as a whole saying they will not enforce the law unfairly or in a one-sided manner.

This is not only incredibly disappointing and sad, it’s also dangerous.

These rallies are a huge method for the police continue to be encouraged: They see people standing up for them personally and for their profession. This is how they gain more support, by the pro police crowd speaking out for who the police really are and what they really stand for.

And now we are losing that.

Was this a part of the plan all along? To allow police supporters to get beat down (literally and metaphorically) to the point where they no longer desire to show their support? The terrorists win, on so many levels, and now they’re going to win on this level too?

One of the ways Hitler and the Nazis gained power was by using the brown shirts, who were the Antifa of their time. They didn’t like their government (hello, Antifa), they didn’t like capitalism (Antifa attacks businesses and scream “fuck capitalism”), they didn’t like law and order (I think we’ve established that’s definitely an Antifa ideal), they used violence to get their points across (need I say more?). Hitler used the extremism of the brown shirts at first, until they went too far.

This is what we are seeing now. Antifa is being used by politicians to push their narrative. They scream black lives matter, while we are seeing black people murdered in historic numbers without a peep from the group. They scream “fuck the police,” until someone defends themselves against them, then they demand the police make arrests.

We are heading down a dangerous road. Police lose support. The progressive politicians step in and say these “patriotic” warriors who “stood up” for justice, racial justice, criminal justice, etc. are the ones that should be consulted for legislation, the ones that should be leaders in our communities and elected as our officials. And the media covers up what Antifa really is, so people buy it.

Then the police become either abolished (their end goal) or at the very least, they become roving social workers who are armed with nothing but hugs to help people, then they get criticized even more when the crime rate not only doesn’t drop, but continues to rise.

The good police leave. Antifa and their supporters start to get ushered in as the “new” and “reformed” police. And then we are in Hitler’s Germany, and anyone who disagrees with the far-left agenda is taken to camps, beaten, murdered. Only this time, it’s Christians who are going to be targeted. It’s white people. It’s conservatives. It’s gun owners.

Because nothing screams equality and tolerance like getting rid of those who disagree with you.

About The Author
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya
Leah Anaya is a medically retired police officer. She served for three years at the Oakland Police Department, and just under five at a department in Washington State. Before that, she was an intelligence analyst in the US Army. She is now a stay at home mom living with her husband, who is still serving as a police officer, and their three children. She also grew up as the daughter of a police officer in California. Leah is now a writer and Deputy Editor at Law Enforcement News Network as well as the Business Manager for Washington State FOP. She's a peer support advocate for The Wounded Blue and Serve and Protect. You can find her on social media @leahmsanaya or at
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